“The long term effect of the passive Coolhouse is more sustainable, healthy, affordable, and durable which enhances our future living standards."

Passive House

New Zealand’s first certified Passive House designed by Jessop Architects has just been completed! For the past year we’ve been working closely with Philip Ivanier (home owner), Luxury Living (builders), Jon Iliffe (certified Passive House consultant), Carters, University of Auckland, Auckland Council, and a number of suppliers to bring this innovative project to fruition.

Our practice concentrates on good design that is innovative, imaginative, and pushes the boundaries for residential and commercial projects. Recently we have been focusing on how New Zealand homes can be better insulated and energy efficient, while maintaining a high quality design.

The team at Jessop Architects have the knowledge and experience with the issues and importance surrounding Passive Design homes, including how to work best with councils. With some of the world’s leading technology in Passive design right at our finger tips, we believe that our practice now has the ability to compete on an international level in this area.

Visit www.coolhouse.co.nz for more information.


News: New Zealand's first passive house has become a finalist in the 2014 International Passive House Awards. For more information about this project, and other passive houses please visit: 




2015 Passive House Finalist Stamp web 3  

 Jessop's First Passive House in New Zealand wins the architectural merits award for the South Pacific House Conference in 2015. Check out our entry below!





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