For most projects the following tasks are required for a complete package, a breakdown discription explains what each involves.

Sketch design and information

This includes initial site visit during design, initial meetings, council policy checking, ideas for overall master planning, client briefing and clarification, sketches and presentation drawings of which include plans and elevations.

Detailed design

Further development of initial design ideas, prior to resource consent or working drawings proceeding. It includes detailed plans, elevations, sections, hard landscaping and some critical site works, materials palettes / specs, images and a model. This would be the point a quantity surveyor would be engaged if desired.

Building consent documentation

Drawings suitable for Building Consent application, detailed to level required by local territorial authority. This includes, plans, elevations, cross sections, and construction details to the new building code and Act, specification as appropriate, meetings with consultants such as the Engineers and Surveyors and the integration of their information for lodgement at Council.

Detail finishing

This is not usually needed by council to obtain a building consent but more critical for contractors to accurately price the whole project. Items could include fixtures and fittings such as the finishes schedule, electrical plan, windows and door schedule. Other items that are not necessarily required could include kitchen, bathroom, laundry and wardrobe joinery, hard landscaping or security (excludes interior design such as furniture, curtains etc).

Resource Consent

If this is required on you property due to zoning requirements or infringements in the design, i.e. coverage then this will take place between stages 2 and 3 of our documentation. It involves an environmental report and forms, resource consent information transposed onto drawings, meetings with consultants and integration of their information, negotiations with council, and site meetings with council as well as lodgement of the application.


In order for accurate prices to be obtained from builders a more detailed set of plans and specifications is required. We can offer our services to prepare tender documentation and have a list of experienced builders of whom we can recommend.

Site & Contract Administration

This stage varies depending on each client and the degree of difficulty. It involves any additional information required for construction. This service is not in any way a project management role, but could involve periodic site visits to view progress and assist the main contractor with any construction queries, taking file notes and carrying out any additional drawings or variations to the consent set of drawings.

Note: 2012 Restricted building work

Restricted building work only relates to residential construction, alterations and design of houses, which has taken affect from 1st March 2012.

In order to get building consent for Restricted building work, the design will need to be carried out or supervised by a Design LBP, a Chartered Professional Engineer or a Registered Architect.

Registered Building Work construction cannot get underway until the owner has notified the local council of the LBPs who will be carrying out or supervising the work.